Real Estate CRM to capture, qualify, & nurture leads.

Don’t let the term CRM (Customer Relationship Management) scare you or your team, this real estate CRM system was designed to be intuitive, with a zero learning curve interface, just the things you need to follow up, nurture, and close deals.

Capture Leads

Puts all your leads in one easy to access and organized system, guiding and tracking each unique relationship from prospect to close.

Track Activity

Track all your leads site activity from views, searches, and favorites. Updated in real-time.

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Real Estate MLS Covering 99% of All Homes For Sale

We’ve developed an exclusive IDX system that directly integrates into Real Estate 7 with MLS data coverage across all 50 states. That’s 650+ MLS Markets and we’re adding more all the time.

MLS Made Easy

Direct MLS, automatic site integration, giving you a beautifully designed cohesively branded website from end-to-end.

SEO Friendly

Our MLS creates dynamic listing pages that are search engine crawl-able and 100% indexable. This means better ranking & visibility, which turns into more traffic, and more leads.

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Don’t waste your time trying to find the perfect real-estate website, you already found it. Find out what Real Estate 7 can do for you.

“This theme is so purpose-built for the real estate industry, nothing else can even come close. The MLS solution is a white glove setup and insanely customizable. I tried building it all myself and in 2 months did not even get 10% of the functionality this has. Our site now has the feature sets found on the mega-million dollar aggregator sites!”

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