January 28, 2020 juzarraga

New VideoFX for the “O” Booth: Video Feature to Help Your Brand Activation Stand Out

New Year, New Feature

This year our “O” Booth (open-air concept) photo booths are getting a new video upgrade — the VideoFX. For the past couple of years, clients have been enjoying the ability to quickly and easily capture photos, create GIFs and make fun Boomerangs. But still we have clients who are more interested in bringing in a slow-motion booth or video booths to record confessionals or add more effects at their events.


With the brand new VideoFX feature, our “O” Booth photo booths can now provide those desired video services. The convenient thing is it’s within the same usable interface that’s currently on our “O” Booth systems. Now guests can create:

  • Slow-motion videos
  • Glitch effects
  • Pop-Art Grids
  • Confessionals
  • Jump and Cuts and many more

We can also fully customize the videos by creating custom animations and adding custom sound loops. In addition, we have the ability to insert intro slides/end slides to fully make these videos brandable.

Now our “O” Booth photo booth is the ultimate digital photo booth/video booth in the market. Alongside all the features that I have already stated, the “O” Booth also has the ability to add filters such as:

  • black-and-white
  • vintage
  • cool
  • beautify and many others

It holds an advanced facial recognition technology that has the ability to add digital props in real-time to the user’s face, the type of props you see on Snap-chat, Instagram and Facebook. Finally, and most importantly, the “O” Booth still has the capability to capture user data, an important feature especially for corporate events and brand activations.

The “O” Booth is the perfect booth to bring to any type of event – corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, church events and sporting events to name a few. Because of the minimal size of the “O” Booth, the “O” Booth does not need a large footprint within your venue, great for events that don’t have a ton of space.

Contact us today and see if our “O” Booth is available for your next event.

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